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You got a warrant?

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 17, 2009

Despite England and Wales’ non-profit sector suffering budget cuts and therefore increased workloads, the Arts Council are instigating quality controllers to visit and report on how these spaces are operating.  Secret shoppers, anyone?   Or plainclothes art police?

Recruitment of artistic assessors – Arts Council England

Arts Council England  is introducing a new, nationwide scheme for artistic assessment of regularly funded organisations, starting early in the New Year. This will involve asking a range of informed people to view individual pieces of artistic activity (a show or an exhibition or a publication, for example) and write a report each time assessing the work’s artistic achievement.

The aim of the artistic assessment scheme is to provide a fair, robust and transparent platform to discuss and assess artistic quality. Assessments will build up over time so that each ‘snap shot’ report will contribute to a broader evidence base to inform our funding decisions.

For this reason, they will not play any significant role in the next round of investment decisions. We envisage they will play a role in the investment strategy in 2013/14.

The  150 Artistic Assessors, will be expected to do 10-14 reports a year and they will be paid £1000 a year, plus expenses.

People sought with appropriate expertise in one or more art forms, from a range of diverse backgrounds and practice. This might include artists, arts managers, academics or critics. Assessors need to be able to make evidence-based judgments about artistic quality and have an understanding of the context within which arts organisations operate.

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