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5 Long Long Years in the Art World

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 24, 2009

By way of contrast to Muir’s seat-of-the-pants page-turner Sarah Thornton’s unmissable tome ‘Seven Days in the Art World’  has inexplicably garnered praise from far and wide (well at least it has according to the author’s website, come on Gregor, watch and learn, I think is still free!). The wondrous volume of Professor Thornton’s reflections is translated into all sorts of European languages. And private view go-ers around the world, and in particular those who visited Victoria Miro Gallery from around 2003 onwards will remember with fond memories the 5 long years we had to painfully witness Thornton schlep her way around her research subjects wheedling invitations to supper or at least a free drink in that jolly authentic pub just off Wharf Road. Often the delightful Ms Thornton would regale the good art folk at positively interminable length about her academic prowess as a sociologist (one book published in 1995 on Club Cultures which lead to Vogue describing her as a “renowned sociologist” 13 years later). We all learnt she almost once wrote a book on brand planning but decided against it and wrote an article instead. Marvellous! What next can we expect from world-renowned Dr Thornton – perhaps a meticulously researched book in 2014 revealing the dining habits of great collectors of the 21st century? I’m going to pre-order my copy from ‘Discount Books’ on Brewer Street right now.

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