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Top Five of the Week

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 29, 2009

Welcome to Tuesday’s Top Five:

This week: Overrated Artists!

Here’s ours.

1) Karla Black
2) Seth Price
3) Ryan Gander
4) Tris Vonna-Michell
5) Katja Strunz
6) Tomma Abts

Wow. Now we’ve started we can’t stop. Top five becomes six. Ah well. We’ve also realised that list looks like a group show we’d probably go and see. Well, such is life, contradictions and hypocrisy.

Send your additions to
Not applicable are artists who are a) just more successful than you, or b) just twats.

3 Responses to “Top Five of the Week”

  1. ann o'n said

    the most overrated artist overrated by themselves would be stephen willats. He once told me that every person is germany knows his name. Wow.

  2. Dan said

    Well I couldn’t agree more with the 1st choice. I just saw her MAO show and thought it was like a cross between primary school art classes, unwrapped xmas present residue and those pastel colours from Dash clothes of the 1980s. Pretty damned horrible – but apparently, feminist art that has references from Bernini to Hesse, according to the bumf.

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