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Pop Life/ Sold Out

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 30, 2009

Everyone was at Tate Modern last night: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gustav Metzger, Julia Peyton Jones…. Alison Gingeras managed to include both her arse and her boyfriend in the exhibition (interchangeable?) and along with co-curator Catherine Wood inadvertently sparked a mass media, kiddie porn witch-hunt with the inclusion of ‘challenging material’: Richard Prince’s ‘Spiritual America’ (yawn).
A very sheepish Rob Pruitt had nothing to fear – paedos beat biggots in tabloid Top-Trumps.

The show was to be called ‘Sold Out’ but after certain artists threatened a boycott and the Marketing got messy the Curators relented. The only real scandal amidst all the unfashionable and slightly embarrassing irony is the curatorial assertion that male artists knowingly sell-out by embracing branding and endorsements and by sacrificing taste whilst women simply sell their bodies: Tracey and Sarah (‘Did you wank over me yet?’ t shirts) Cosey Fanni Tutti (wank mags) and Andrea Fraser (fucks a collector for $20,000).

After party at Tramp: ‘Cash bar until 3am, Mixed groups only, first come first served.’ Which is a bit like being told to fuck off (not to mention homophobic).

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