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Won’t SOMEONE think of the kiddies?!

Posted by cathedralofshit on October 1, 2009

The Met Police have temporarily requested that Prince’s photo of a ten year Brooke Shields in “Spiritual America” be taken down. The room it’s in is temporarily closed. This should do wonders for ticket sales.
Apparently Shields has been trying for years to prevent this work from being shown.

Here are two of our favourite comments from the net…

“Its disguting that a child young should be alowed to be shown in a place that is for art not for pedofiles and its why our country seems to be encouraging these monsters to live in ours streets we should be alowed to know were they live. Someone needs to stand up for our kids i think the police are right and the tate gallery should be fined and the money should go to kids”

“Why she was allowed topose naked at that age by her Parents astonishes me anyway. Especially when you consider that Cross placed provocative statues around her too.
Burn them.”

The great British Public has spoken. God help us.

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