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More top fives….

Posted by cathedralofshit on October 12, 2009

Some spurious top fives from Cathedral of Shit to pass the time of day.

Top 5 stupidest people in the art world:
1. Anita Zabludowicz (reportedly, when viewing Douglas Gordan’s 24 Hour Psycho she asked for it to be fast forwarded).
2. Roger Tatley. Art’s second hand car salesman.
3. Gavin Turk. Gavin, radical, you are not.
4. Allison Jacques. If you were a biscuit Allison, you’d be a Rich Tea.
5. Sam Orlofsky. Stupid AND offensive.

(FYI – our favourite Sarah Thornton is just too easy)

Top five people who should know better than to have a Facebook account:
1. Robin Klassnik
2. Victoria Miro
3. Anita Zabludowicz
4. Allison Jacques
5. Yinka Shonibare OBE

Top five artists you wish would stop emailing you with their career updates:
1. Gorgon Cheung
2. Lee Campbell
3. Katie Guggenheim
4. Warren Neidich
Okay. There’s just four. But between them it feels like five.

Top five artists whose work makes us feel something varying between nausea, disbelief and horror:
1. Boo Ritson. The fact this work even exists made one of the CoS team cry.
2. Conrad Shawcross. That his media friendly work is taken so seriously is astounding. But more on this later…
3. Matthew Stone. Going to clubs and playing sub-standard electro alongside the equivalent of a Leigh Bowery ‘Stars In Their Eyes’, and photographing the outcome does not an artist make.
4. Alexis Teplin. Like someone saw the previous three artists, swallowed oil paint in a bid to commit suicide, and then threw up on a canvas.
5. Maaike Schoorel. That’s it? That’s your work?! Are you serious? Oh.

2 Responses to “More top fives….”

  1. anonymouse said

    Good lists. Can confirm no 1 of list 1 as true

  2. theboo said

    why does everyone hate Sam Orlofsky of Gagosian?
    Explain, cuz i have heard some god awful things.

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