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Frieze Newze

Posted by cathedralofshit on October 14, 2009

The countdown to London’s busiest art week has commenced. We’ve just got into the fair with our jazzy stolen VIVIVIP card. Result.

Some news….
Galleries are playing a strong hand as many hope Frieze Art Fair’s takings will bump up gallery coffers again. Stands look strong so far with bold pieces by the gallery’s best artists.
We’ll be on the scout for the real stonkers, doing our best to highlight shocking works.

Oh no! We’ve already spied Sarah Thornton. I wonder if she’s writing an expose for the press on something we already all know about?

Mike Bouchet has been victim of gravity once again. After his house sank in Venice, it seems he had similar problems with the tonnes of metal chain in his piece at Parisa Kind. For now the floor seems to be holding up…

The Americans seem to be back. We’ve spotted a few walzing about, including *CELEB WATCH* Gwyneth Paltrow.

More updates later as people get drunk and tell me more…

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