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Anita Zabluwhatever

Posted by cathedralofshit on October 20, 2009

We are LOVING Anita Zabludowicz’s blog. She’s started adding ‘snaps’ to it, which adds infinitely to the complex texture of her literary skill.
Originally, we wrote a hilarious and clever little piece on her content, spelling and punctuation disabilities (is it a disability? Can we get one of those natty little parking passes for spelling errors?), but in the end nothing beats just READING it.

Go on, dive in. I hope when you climb out you don’t feel too dirty.

4 Responses to “Anita Zabluwhatever”

  1. Lucy said

    Anita misspelled Ed Ruscha. How do you do that as a ‘collector’ and publish it to the wider world?

  2. Pinsent Wakes said

    We love her blog too and all the stuff she buys, we hope that all those people in her collection are feeling good about being collected by
    her husbands money which comes from being an arms dealer to israel and more recently running casinos in LA – all good ethical stuff then.
    And just to add to the cake not only does her husband fund a major Israeli lobying campaign in London he also gave David Cameron some money for his campaign thus assisting in the realisation of the widespread cuts to the publicly funded art world which i guess doesn’t really get noticed if your the 19th richest person in the UK. These people highlight the unfortunate realities of the commercial art world – and the artists they collect for a bit of personal entertainment.

  3. natasha rees said

    It’s all very well that Zabludowicz has manoeuvred herself into some bizarre position of power within the art world – but when you understand that her ‘lifestyle’ is off the back of Palestinians being forced at gunpoint into homelessness to facilitate her husbands illegal shopping mall in the Gaza Strip – and the fact that she is TOTALLY ANTI ISLAMIC/ARAB/MUSLIM, I’m afraid that all of this just becomes the disturbing stuff of nonsense (a REAL Cathedral of Bullshit, if you will)- and makes me sick to my stomach that various talented and not so talented artists clamber for some sort of recognition from this dodgy and questionable person. It is about time that artists became aware of who exactly their benefactors are, and develop a spine accordingly. If folk are genuinely ok with active, Anti-Islamicism and can comfortably condone, the brutality and murder of the Palestinian people, then fine, show and name yourselves. But in such politically turbulent times, we need to stand firm on one side or another and clearly understand who is working with whom behind the so-called ‘scenes’. Neo-liberalist, reactionary, ignorant, excuse-nikism must surely end!. WAKE UP FOLKS! (This is categorically about AZ NOT her staff, by the way….I don’t know if they are aware that they service the devil and her advocates…???).

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