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Stop! Frieze! etc etc

Posted by cathedralofshit on October 20, 2009

We had a great time at Frieze. Oh we love Frieze… all that harsh lighting… the look of fear in gallerists’ eyes…
Are they going to lie about sales this year, “it’s been Amaaaaazing”, or will they dejectedly look at their feet and say “it’s been, y’know, okay. We’ll probably sell works after the fair”? And then weep.

It seemed the American collectors were returning, and perhaps this will herald back the American galleries again for next year.

We don’t have much gossip from the Fair as we were mostly drunk, away, or busy. We did enjoy the slight frenzy and disbelief brought on by the publication of Art Review’s fun but interminably ridiculous Power 100 issue.
Regardless of who was at what number, the sense of “It’s silly really and means nothing what number am I at?” hovers around those in the list.
We’d like to see it manifest in a different way. A literal physical way. Arm wrestling perhaps? Our money is on Maureen Paley (thousand yard stare) or David Kordansky (pumped, man). Or maybe Jay and Larry (err, just pretty big men). Perhaps HUO could consider a 24 hr wrestling match for his next Serpentine snore-along…?

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