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Posted by cathedralofshit on October 29, 2009

All this moaning about wasting money on art in times of recession – get over it we say!
I mean it’s not as if the beloved Arts Council spunk one million pounds a year of taxpayers money on an Institute that hasn’t had a director for a year, has had three changes of the way its initials are capitalised over 10 years and has a programme which can at best be described as dodgy on the occasions when they deign to hold exhibitions. Oh, my mistake, it does!
Iniva, which was recently inIVA and before that INIVA (re-branding’s not easy and it sure ain’t cheap) continues to plod along doing “exhibitions, publications, multimedia, education and research projects, designed to bring the work of artists from culturally diverse backgrounds to the attention of the widest possible public.” Its current show is N.S.Harsha who has recently been seen at the Serpentine and is currently enjoying a solo show at Victoria Miro – just the type of marginalised, little-seen artist who is the public don’t often get to see. Unless of course they’ve visited the Serpentine or Victoria Miro recently that is.
It almost makes you want to see Ed ‘Slasher’ Vaizey in.

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