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For Immediate Release.

Posted by cathedralofshit on October 29, 2009

A suggestion from a reader (wow – readers! How times change).

Press releases. Now, not to step on the toes of the formidable BANK and their Gallery ‘FAX-BACK’ service, but this reader sent us a suggestion to pluck a few of the worst press releases out there, and flag ’em up…

And I quote from said reader:

“i know its shooting fish in a barrel, and its a bit cruel to pick apart the writing style of some unpaid intern- but what about a top 5 awful press releases?
This one is truly abysmal then again so is the show.

Keep up the good work


So, send them in – we’ll form a list. Perhaps a prize to all those who send in shocking Press Releases? A fortnight for two in Peckham? Second prize, a one week internship at Museum 52.

One Response to “For Immediate Release.”

  1. Lucy said

    Pearson’s work may seem like grotesque monuments
    of redundant empires and social territories, however it is also a
    reflection of the monstrous vitality of creative self genesis that
    revitalises meaning and affect through the absurd collision of this
    ideological language.

    A contribution to your absurd press release list, from Moot, Nottingham

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