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How’s My Blogging?

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 10, 2009

Cathedral of Shit would never recommend the bitchy and generally low-life New York blog ‘Hows My Dealing?’ but here are some observations on this frankly amateur attempt at an art blog:

1. Most of the criticisms and observations are about New York dealers – but isn’t it great that London’s very own FRED gets not just one but two separate mentions! Firstly in the attempt to start of a section about London gallerists, the first comment from ‘Anonymous’ seems to suggest that FRED’s business practices are somewhat old school. A second comment from another anonymous contributor on the section about Roebling Hall says, erm, the same!

For terribly nasty comments about London’s dear FRED follow these links:

(scroll down to last comment)

2. It’s frankly unfair, bitchy and typically New York low-life to put up a picture of the nice owner of 303 Gallery looking incredibly scary in a swimsuit. We would never do that with the lovely London gallerists who populate the nice art world here (unless any of you have a photo of Darren Flook in Speedos that is). Here’s a link to that nasty, hurtful picture in full (with full being the operative word here)

Erm that’s it. Thank god there’s no such rubbishy, spiteful nastiness in good old Blighty we say!

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