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The Square Route of Success.

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 10, 2009

Artists! Sick of being continually ignored by that high-priest of art criticism, Adrian Searle? Tired of never appearing in The Guardian and being able to tell your mum that you’ve made it? Well fear no more, Cathedral of Shit has been doing some complex logarithms and has worked out the secret formula to a guaranteed bit of Searle-o Guardian-o coverage….wait for it…..YES! Simply put Adrian Searle in an art work of yours and coverage is guaranteed. It worked back in the day in 2000 when Jemima Stehli took off all her clothes for Adrian:

And it worked this year for Ryan Gander who put our beloved Adrian in a row of everyday punters looking at works at the Frieze Art Fair (erm so that would be everyday punters like Sir Nicholas Serota, a few Tate curators and the ladies from Outset…always good to hedge your bets!)

Ah, who said that artistic/critical/curatorial integrity was dead, buried and pissed on from a great height?

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