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One Way Ticket To Nottingham Please…

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 15, 2009

Congratulations to Alex Farquharson and the jazzy new Nottingham Contemporary art space. The space opened on Friday evening with an exhibition of David Hockney’s output from the 60s, and a well overdue solo exhibition by Frances Stark.
Klaus Weber’s logo made it into real life in the form of two Zebra’s cruising the streets around the building, though Anthea Hamilton’s faired less well with slightly creepy looking girls in skin coloured bodysuits – images to follow of that:

2 Responses to “One Way Ticket To Nottingham Please…”

  1. robin said

    I note that you sneeringly slag off Anita Zabludowicz for grammatical and spelling errors in her blog, then write “zebra’s” here… Glass houses and all that…

  2. True, true. If it wasn’t for that pesky apostrophe we woulda gotten away with it!

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