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Posted by cathedralofshit on December 13, 2009

Uh ooooh….

ICA staff have been warned to expect job cuts in a restructuring of the organisation in an attempt to drastically cut costs. According to an inside source, the ICA is currently in major financial problems and could face closure. Earlier this year they received the highest ever grant from the Arts Council’s Sustain Programme, a scheme to dole out large chunk of cash to suffering galleries – who already are in receipt of ACE money.
As a part of this grant, the ICA have brought in a ‘crack’ team (including the curator David Thorp) to sort their shit out. Along with a number of redundancies, it is imagined that a number of roles will be merged. Although the ICA has played a significant part in the UK visual arts scene over the last 60 years, the ICA certainly seems to be struggling in finding its current role. Following Jens Hoffman’s truly awful programming, Mark Sladen does seem to be getting the organisation on the right track, although there does seem to be pattern of simply presenting what’s going on elsewhere in the UK and jazzing it up for a more mainstream audience – point in case the exhibition of week long shows Nought to Sixty.
Along with reports of general bad management and lack of leadership, the organisation has suffered since making admission free as membership has dramatically dropped. Shame they can’t find a way of getting the profit from that overpriced bar back into the programme…

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