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No Dough From Gago Show. Woah.

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 22, 2010

Despite being a public gallery rumoured often to have dubious relationships with commercial galleries, we heard that Julia Peyton-Jones recently was stiffed by the behemoth that is Gagosian. Despite the Serpentine paying shipping and production costs for the Jeff Koons works in his decidedly average exhibition last year, Gagosian sold all the works from the show, not only refusing to donate or contribute to the gallery but to even refund any costs.
When the question was posed as to why money back from sales wasn’t contracted, allegedly JPJ was quoted as saying she didn’t expect to have to ask for the money in these situations. Pretty disappointing as the Serpentine receives funding from the government… CoS wonders whether the vast sums this glorified park toilet receives is deserved, especially as a Serp-source tells us that the visitor sums collected to wow their patrons and the Arts Council include anyone going in for a mid-jog dump, or entering to buy their copy of Dazed from the shop.

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