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Garlic Sauce, boss?

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 28, 2010

Frieze magazine’s looking terribly thin these days. How long before they reintroduce the staples? But Matthew Slotover has been relying on the public purse for basic sustenance for a while now. Munira Mirza, Boris Johnson’s hopelessly overqualified Cultural Adviser, treated him and his best pal Ed Vaizey to lunch back in July 1998. She spent £10 at an unnamed establishment on Old Street here. Small döner kebabs?


Ed Vaizey? Yup: the Honourable Edward Henry Butler Vaizey, Shadow Minister for the Arts. The title is inherited – his (relatively) recently exposed parliamentary expense claims of 2007 suggest he is not particularly ‘honourable’ but arguably cultured in other ways (likes both antique and contemporary Scandinavian furniture). Brilliant.

One Response to “Garlic Sauce, boss?”

  1. Dermot Reeve said

    1998? Munira was aged about 7 back then. 2008 you numpties. Anyhow this is more like the CoS I know and love.

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