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Labour isn’t Working

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 28, 2010

So, Scratchie’s tagline of ’79 is back (yawn).
Okay, so Labour decided to ‘instrumentalise’ culture, turning art galleries in creches and patronising people belonging to any ethnic group other than ‘White British.’ They ruined the Arts Council with political interference – but do we really want the Tory alternative? The Labour Party’s 30 million or so in the red. No-one is a member of a Trade Union anymore so there’s no cash coming in and what self respecting hedge funder is going to pay up? Oh… only the ones who don’t have money anymore.
Step forward the (genuinely) lovely Richard Greer a “long term Labour supporter” (since 1994 then). He has come up with a great solution: invite artists to design the election posters! They will however be disguised as posters which simply encourage people to vote thus making them palatable to rich idiots from the new democracies east of Braunschweig who will buy them in an auction the proceeds of which will go to ‘proper’ marketing people who’ll do an even worse job. So far Bob and Roberta Smith (who, ironically, has recently made a career out of slagging off the Government with his tiresome ‘Stop the War’ stuff), Jeremy Deller (likewise) and Richard Wentworth (did you see the Lisson’s summer show!?) are all on board.
We are all totally fucked then.

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