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It’s Ofili Loud In Here… (sorry).

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 30, 2010

Good to see brave white art folk getting down and dirty with some dancehall style moves at the Chris Ofili party on Tuesday night. Awards to Victoria Miro gallery for obtaining the biggest set of speakers ever seen at an art party. A further award to the doormen who kept out liggers with firm and definitive hand gestures. CoS was in particular glad to see those well-known party hounds Darren Flook and Sarah McCrory kept outside in the sub-freezing temperatures pretending to be on a “cigarette break” whilst desperately trying to score one of the strangely unnerving musical invites.
Amusing that it took that radical combination of Tate Britain, David Zwirner and Victoria Miro to effortlessly achieve the intercultural, polyphonic, multitudinous (that’s for you, fans of Hardt and Negri) nirvana that the Arts Council have spent years and millions of pounds (mostly hurled at Iniva) trying to achieve.

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