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It’s A Man’s World

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 1, 2010

The unfathomable presence of Hannah Barry at the fringes of the art world continues to perplex. We know she’s championed and backed by D’Offay, and has cornered a (mini) market by opening in distant Peckham and showing all the local emerging students. There’s zero quality control, and no artist gender balance in the programme – no women at all in a 20 artist roster! CoS are tempted to burn their collective bra at her doorstep, but it’d mean going to Peckham.

Hoewever, news has just drifted to the CoS giant gossip ear trumpet that Barry and Mr D’Offay are also something of an item.

“Ahhhhaaaaaa!”, we say, then, “er?”, and finally, “eeeuw”.

3 Responses to “It’s A Man’s World”

  1. Peeved of Peckham said

    Unfathomable – why?

  2. Unpeeved of Peckham said

    Unfathomable – is it not obvious? Have you ever visited the gallery??

  3. baddbosch said

    I Peed in Peckham only yesterday.

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