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Rats/Ships/Sinking etcetc

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 1, 2010

Calum Sutton PR are a sinking ship due to their crazed control freak of a Director and many a top gallery leaving them…so much so that despite handling the Frieze Account during the fair last year Calum Sutton was himself banned from entering the fair.
Detractors include Stuart Shave, and Timothy Taylor, to name a couple.
We also heard that all his top staff have left him; and he felt so threatened by them leaving that he got them their new jobs…

Problems were flagged earlier on last year when a gallery director confided in us that despite employing Sutton they never got invited to any other gallery parties/events, despite the fact he would often also be representing the gallery hosting the party! They too are now considering abandoning the Sutton ship.

One Response to “Rats/Ships/Sinking etcetc”

  1. doggie said

    Except that Tim Taylor’s just rehired Sutton to do their PR? Sutton was Tim’s PR person a couple of years back, until Tim ran out of money, I mean, realised that paying Sutton to do no PR at all for you wasn’t a good idea. And then rehired him – what a weirdo.

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