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I fought the Clore and the Clore won

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 9, 2010

Do you work in a maligned and hopeless public arts institution? Are you sick of your friends who laugh at your specious job and derisory pay? Do you like ordering people around and meeting pointless targets? Do you fancy a couple of “residential fortnights” trying to have sex with someone who works in street theatre? Does your employer dislike you enough in order to pay a bunch of charlatans to teach you leadership skills? Do you look like any of these people or would you like to have them around for dinner at your East London character Victorian terrace basement flat that you live unhappily by yourself in:

If so, glory be! For that much celebrated arts middle-management course, the Clore Fellowship is open again for applications:

And here at CoS we know just how shit your A-level results were and why you had to seek a “career” in the arts, so we’re here to give you tips. If you get an interview: DO say things like “The demand for powerful, independent, imaginative leaders in the arts has seldom been greater.” DON”T SAY: “I have absolutely no conception about the so-called arts but I love setting audience development targets and frankly am hoping my employer will pay 15k so I can go off and get my back doors blasted asunder from a nice fellow from Welsh National Opera.”

One Response to “I fought the Clore and the Clore won”

  1. Karen Guthrie said

    Surely this is not the first no you’ve had 😉

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