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My So-Called Life

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 10, 2010

Top Ten Time. It’s been a while. An email from a London gallerist has dropped onto the grubby hessian welcome mat of our inbox, suggesting a Top Ten ‘highlighting’ the joy that is the So-Called Collector. We know the type…. sauntering around galleries, being treated with a suspiciously undeserving level of respect unusual from a gallerist, in the (mistaken?) belief that they COULD be a collector. I mean, Sally from White Cube said this guy once bought a Tracey Emin drawing in 1997.
But has that one investment bought them a decade and a half of dinner invites and VIP invitations?

We’re open for nominations.

Email us (anonymously). We love to hear from you. Answers posted soon.

3 Responses to “My So-Called Life”

  1. KB said

    Lois Plehn

  2. secret said

    Ivor Aizenberg. And what is going on with his hair?

  3. john said

    Rob(have you heard his music)Diament

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