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Tell us, Tone…

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 13, 2010

Like all you other CoS followers, we love nothing more on a Saturday morning than to stroll down to Broadway Market, buy a chicken sourced locally (ie Mile End) for fourteen quid, a couple of bulbs of ‘wet’ garlic to ram up its arse, and a copy of the Guardian. But this morning our lovely weekend routine has been shattered by one of the most profound rhetorical artistic questions – and indeed, answers that we’ve seen in a while, courtesy of a Guardian guest column by Antony Gormley. “How do I justify the work and life of my studio, with its 10,000 square feet of heated space and my 17 assistants?” thundered the Gormo. “I don’t know, tell us Tony!” I thundered back at my chicken wrapped carefully in an oh-so-now brown paper bag. “In the final analysis,” pondered the Great Gormksy, “I do not have to justify what we do.”
Brilliant! Who said the Guardian was just for self-satisfied liberals who love portentous pieces of public art?

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