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Roving I

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 16, 2010

Having overheard the mundane sales patter of many a blue chip art dealer, we all know art is an interchangeable commodity (as overheard from a certain White Cube dealer “Fuck it. Cars, art, antiques – it’s just selling shit”) we are very excited to hear (kindly emailed from source D+P in ‘Central East London’ [that’ll be Shoreditch then]) that Kenny Schachter is taking this literally. Behold – here and here.

But, more excitingly, a little delving has pulled up Kenny’s blog. Okay, not a huge amount of delving. Simply a browse around his website, truth be told.
Anyway, check it out – it’s like reading the art diary musings of an art A-level student from Wolverhampton. It’s CoS’ new second favourite blog. Here.

And a couple of teasers:

When you look at a piece of art what thoughts pass through your mind? One of the first things I think of is what went into making it and how long did it take. Art is an amazing process: besides the making, why? When I look at Damien Hirst art I think the opposite: what little thought, effort, content, and the why usually has to do with making money. Besides isn’t it cheating if someone does the struggling and another claims the credit?

When you think of art you think of canvas and paint, like a Van Gogh painting which probably cost as much as £3.70 to actually make. But Van Gogh would probably be a different artist if he knew about Lady Gaga, Madonna, and football players like Beckham who signed a contract to play in the USA for something like $250,000,000. The glittering diamond skull of Damien Hirst was something like if we held up a giant mirror to our society and took a close look at each other and ourselves.

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  1. OKAY OKAY… somewhat unfairly we’ve posted a section of something aimed at kids. We’re a bit sorry. Well, not very sorry. Well, not sorry at all actually. But we’ve owned up to it so that seems good enough.

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