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Did He Jump?

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 2, 2010

This in from an ICA source. Well, the spy-microphone we have hidden under an office pot plant… it reflects well on Sladen that he refused to accept the consensus & the shame attached to Yentob and Eshun…

So…. it seems Sladen was pushed. As part of the restructure, his post as curator of exhibitions was made redundant. He applied and interviewed for a new Director-of-Programme post, but in the interview made it clear that he would not be able to take up the post unless Ekow resigned, having lost all confidence in him as Director. He was then reportedly chased across the office by a shouting Alan Yentob, who swept Sladen’s stuff off his desk. Front of House staff have been told not to allow Sladen back in the building. Who or what replaces him is unclear, as the ‘Reading Group’ plan for managing the exhibitions programme seems to have been abandoned, but David Thorp, who carried out the restructuring consultancy last year is rumoured to be standing in.

2 Responses to “Did He Jump?”

  1. pinky said

    They will realise they are much better off without Sladen – he was after Ekow’s job and got caught out trying to oust him. Serves Sladen right frankly

    • I think you’ll find he’s not after his job at all. Mark Sladen is a curator and would never get a high profile directorship like that. It’s fairly well known that he (along with the rest of the ICA) had a vote of no confidence and he refused to continue to work under Ekow.

      I think it shows someone in this mess is willing to do the right thing and stand up to Eshun.

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