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Oh Drama Bin Landy…. (possible the worst title ever award 2010)

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 9, 2010

This image just dropped into our mailbox. Oh dear! Seems like there’s a bit of a way to go?
C’mon people – bring out your dead. We all know there’s a lot of art in this city that deserves to go in there.
You know who you are.

3 Responses to “Oh Drama Bin Landy…. (possible the worst title ever award 2010)”

  1. Margot H. said

    I wonder why it is so empty? Surely Landy himself has enough of his own work to fill it.. have you seen those ‘no frills’ paintings at Hixs? They should have been the first to go in..

    Also, is it possible for the bin to put itself in the bin?

    • Ruggles said

      To be fair, that pic was just lifted from the SLG site. Hasn’t anyone got a more recent snap on their mobile? You’d hope the bin would be a bit more full by now considering the show closes on Sunday or the SLG will have a failure of a show about failure on their hands. Or would that constitute a success..?

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