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Run Like The Wind

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 19, 2010

When it comes down to basics, the role of the public sector is all about good, hard cash. So hurrah to the Adam Smith Institute for doing the sums and working out that a much more equitable way of getting the public to pay for the arts would be to scrap the Arts Council give everybody an 11 quid voucher per year and asking them to spend it on what they like:


Meanwhile the wholesale import of the team behind the Manchester Festival to run ‘Festival 2012’, (which used to be the Cultural Olympiad) suggests to us that it’s very likely the visual arts component will involve Hans Ulrich Obrist. Tempo del Postino premiered at Manchester and this year he followed that up with “Marina Abramovic Presents…” Mr Obrist’s involvement would be good news all round and raises the exciting prospect of one of Hans Ulrich’s renowned ‘interview marathons’ taking place at roughly the same time as a real marathon. Surely there’s potential for some cross-marathon synergy here? The CoS office is positively aglow at the thought of seeing the famous Swiss curators in a tight pair of long-distance running shorts:


In these.

One Response to “Run Like The Wind”

  1. vestry of terd said

    Can we not please have Obrist Festival 2010 instead in which every citizen of Manchester is replaced by a genetic clone of HUO, lightly jogging whilst interviewing his many selves toward the salvation of the city. This is surely what the North West Development Agency want and me also.

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