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Think Local…

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 31, 2010

Whilst the ICA struggles to make ends meet – the Whitechapel Art Gallery has found a cunning way round financial issues – make your one show of the year that charges the one that aims directly at the local community. Anyone wanting to see ‘Where Three Dreams Cross – 150 years of Photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh’ – have to shell out £8.50 each. Surely this is nothing to do with the fact that the Whitechapel sits in the middle of the biggest Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi community in London?! Surely not?

Nice to see the Whitechapel continuing a long tradition of milking the old colonies for every penny they can.

One Response to “Think Local…”

  1. matthew arnatt said

    You’re right, it’s shocking. As it’s also disturbing that nobody else publicly picks them up on it. Perhaps your concerned readers could have some account details? I, for one, would like to send you £8.50 in recognition of your contribution.

    Regards etc.

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