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get real you out-of-touch office monkeys

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 1, 2010

But come on – get real CoS in-house staffers. You’ve been reading left-leaning magazines too much. Us out-of-office CoS-ers (that looks like it might rhyme with ToS-ers) think its 19 million squids well spent. You wouldn’t get Mr Mittal doling out his money to poor arts organisations – particularly as most of the 19 million is ‘in kind’ for the steel which he is providing gratis. GET REAL we say! Come and pound the streets with us looking for stories instead of pontificating from your office in FUCKING BLOOMSBURY.

One Response to “get real you out-of-touch office monkeys”

  1. As it happens, you may be right – one thing is missing, really great big bloody slide/rollercoaster through the middle of it. Wouldn’t that be just FABULOUS?

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