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Anthony Gormley’s Giant Knackers.

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 2, 2010

News just in from a reliable source… (first time for everything).
It seems that Mr J. Deller was actually one of three contenders for the tower project in the Olympic Park with the exteemed Mr A. Gormley being the other.
In the end it was a head to head between Kapoor and Tony, who proposed a £100milion figure of himself(!) complete with lifts in his legs(!!).
Allegedly Gormers is furious he was passed over for the Kapoor Helter Skelter.

Originally Tony’s tower design only had stairs, which is of course illegal, (he wanted the general public to walk up, presumably on their knees), but of course provision had to made for disabled access and lazy-as-fuck art dealers, so lifts would have had to be put in the legs. These then would have had to ascend at an angle which made them very pricey apparently.
More amusingly to CoS is the idea of ascending in an elevator towards Anthony Gormley’s giant metal balls. Dizzy heights indeed!

If anyone has any drawings/desgns they can leak to us of said ‘sculpture’ we’d love to see them. There £8.50 in it for you (see comment on one of the previous threads).
If anyone can confirm the Anthony Gormley does indeed have giant balls, there a fiver in it for you – that’s from our own pockets.

2 Responses to “Anthony Gormley’s Giant Knackers.”

  1. anonymouse said

    That’s nearly as depressing as that scottish art council post

  2. fionaflynn said

    I saw a picture of it and it was a whopping great big Gormley, no balls. He was obviously livid about not picked and made out he was the radical outsider because his didn’t have a restaurant. He didn’t say directly it was for Stratford, he did say it was a proposal that had yet to find a home so presumably he’ll be hawking it around for a while

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