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“I Shit Them Out And Present Them As Art Objects”

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 6, 2010

Like the rest of the nation, we at CoS can’t wait to see the documentary on the intense difficulties and pressures that come with a being an art student at Goldsmiths. Unfairly dismissed by many media commentators as a terrible bunch of wankers desperate for any glimmer of art world sprinkledust, this is the chance for students at the esteemed art school to show to the nation that in fact they are really decent people drawn together by wanting to make the world an ethically better place entirely populated by Jacques Ranciere. Or as the BBC website succinctly puts it: “All are desperate to create the kind of work that will propel them to centre stage in the art world, but only a select few will succeed.” Brilliant – makes you want to abolish all art schools and send them out to be electricians or something…..

2 Responses to ““I Shit Them Out And Present Them As Art Objects””

  1. David said

    Wonder if it will show how much of their work is actually made by the technicians? I’m guessing not…

  2. urban whittler said

    What?! Technicians at Goldsmiths have time to make students work for them?! Thought their time was mainly taken up with building posh bespoke kitchens etc on the side…. the times they are a changin…

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