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ICA – It Was All Just A Bad Dream…

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 9, 2010

Two years after a certain ICA director canned the live arts department, the programme for Summer is full of, er…LIVE ARTS! And to add insult to irony, TIM ETCHELLS, who had previously produced a ‘virtual programme’ of live arts, called ‘True Riches’, as a protest against the live arts closure, is one of the people producing the new live art strand! It’s like some extraordinary institutional-critical-hypocritical snake eating its own tail…between two infinity mirrors.

One Response to “ICA – It Was All Just A Bad Dream…”

  1. anthonyhampton said

    Tim’s not really ‘producing a live art strand’ – it’s more of a gathering… as he explains on the ICA page>


    “I worked with Ant Hampton last year to produce a provocative virtual season of events for the ICA when they closed their Live Art department a year or so ago, so it’s an odd thing to be invited into an institution of which one has been publicly critical of. However the chance to help hold the doors of the ICA open to Live Art for a while is too good to miss, especially considering the ICA’s historical role as an important supporter of live work.”
    “In putting together this long weekend, the question I have chosen to pursue, in different ways is that of Futures & Pasts – focusing on diverse histories of performance, from individual testimonies to historical tendencies and at the same time working deeply on an exploration of the questions, possibilities and shifts which might face the form in years to come. Working with a group of engaged collaborators and invited guests (artists, academics, curators, writers) as well as with audiences, we will talk, act and think about the past as well as dream together, scheming and making plans great and small for the future of performance in the UK and elsewhere.”

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