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“Vote Labour” says Gormster and others

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 14, 2010

Here at CoS we’re counting down the hours by eating fried chicken wings until the much-awaited ‘Make Your Mark’ posters for Labour are finally unveiled on some obscure website. For those of you who haven’t heard this is a brilliant strategy dreamed up by the Reverend Richard Greer and Alastair Darling’s Mum to get great artists like Anthony Gormley, Jeremy Deller and Banksy to exhort us to vote Labour. At the moment there’s a press embargo on them whilst the Guardian gets to exclusively masturbate over the images. Our undercover source at the Guardian says: “They’re totally shit. If anything would want me to vote for Dickhead Dave and Horny George it’s Anthony Gormley telling me which was to swing.” Gormley, 86, swings to the left (as previously revealed in the “Take the lift to my knackers” story printed somewhere below).

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