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Posted by cathedralofshit on April 15, 2010

It’s panic as the London art world scurries to buy train tickets for Glasgow as the skies fill with Icelandic ash (revenge of the Icelandic Gods for our financial wrongdoings?).
CoS are commandeering an articulated lorry to replace their sadly useless flight tickets. We’d be happy to pack all you Londoners on, battery-style, for an insignificant fee.

CoS are intending to take Glasgow by storm and perform the unperformable task of going to EVERY event and party in a kind of mind-blowing event marathon. We’ve been invited to so many, and have had messages from ‘up there’ displaying such giddy levels of excitement, it makes us wonder if anything happens in Glasgow between festivals?

We’ll tweet from each event so you can follow our trail. If we can be bothered to set up a Twitter account…

2 Responses to “Glasgae-Bound”

  1. Dear CoS

    I heard at the Jim Lambie stjohnalunchathon in the Meercat Building that the Ash Cloud of the 21st Century was actually a Ryan Gander work in collaboration with Goldman Sachs. But then it turned out that EVERYTHING was part of a giant Ryan Gander, which in turn turned out to be just an electron in a stirring of the loins of a giant Anthony Gormley. Is this true?

    Yours Da Vid

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