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The ‘haps’ at the ‘chaps.

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 23, 2010

We couldn’t move last night at the Whitechapel for C-List ‘slebs’ and wall to wall vaguely unfamiliar collectors (“we met once, I forget where/why/what/when etc etc”). Not exactly reaching the heady heights of celebrity-spotting. I tool a piss next to Jack Penate and saw Kate Moss looking shifty whilst watching Bobby Gillespie who looked somewhat uncomfortable.

Apparently the Whitechapel only sold 10% of the tickets available – info backed up by the last minute donation of a few of said to tickets to the CoS “Can We Come To Your Party?” Fund. We were so excited to be actually invited that we felt the need to address the balance by leaving at the end of the night by climbing out of the toilet window and hoping the bouncers wouldn’t see us.

Daily Mail’s horrible coverage here.
Elle’s horrible coverage here.

4 Responses to “The ‘haps’ at the ‘chaps.”

  1. BannanaMan said

    Why wasn’t Jack Penate at his auntie’s opening at Studio Voltaire?

  2. bishi said

    Dear Cathedral of shit,

    I’m sure between your art school degrees, you could have rustled up something slightly better than this in gossip for Whitechapel Art Plus Music. You had the choice of many try hard performances, left over editions of art at auction & even Gavin Turk’s dodgy dancing to Lady gaga to take the piss out of.

    How is it the Daily Mail did a better job slagging off the party than you did? You guys need to stop drinking at the Rivington and start taking tips off Perez Hilton. Give me something to truly salivate over. Not the titterings of a couple of nans out of Jam + Jerusalem.

    Yours lovingly,

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