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Turnering in our graves.

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 4, 2010

Reaction to this year’s TURNER PRIZE is burning through blogosphere like white lightning. To save your fingers and thumbs CoS presents a live rolling blog of reaction – just like the papers are doing with the election:

11.45am The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones labels two of the nominees (The Otolith Group and Dexter Dalwood) “duds”.
11.46am But one the judges, well-known art expert and author of saucy gay murder mysteries Philip Hensher has rifled back that Dalwood’s paintings are in fact “instantly tantalising” because they have catchy titles.
12.15pm William Hill, bookmaker and art historian has stated Dalwood is “easy on the eye”.
12.25pm Over in deepest Tower Hamlets London’s brightest curator Polly Staple has noted that Susan Phillipsz’s sound installation are “incredibly difficult to photograph.”
12.26pm Meanwhile The Evening Telegraph of Peterborough leads with “A Bristol-born artist has been shortlisted for this year’s Turner Prize.”
12.27pm The Evening Telegraph also notes that Mayor’s Walk in Peterborough has had to be closed after a burst water main.
12.50pm The Nigerian Best Forum talks about evoking “memory and desire” in its breaking news report on the Turner prize.
12.52pm Manish Sood, Labour’s de-selected candidate for Norfolk North-West labels this years Turner Prize “the worst Turner Prize this country has ever known” and demands and Philip Hensher apologise to the Queen.
1.30pm The CoS team can’t stand the excitement anymore and we’re now off to Subway on Mare Street for an “Italian Special”. Find us there if anyone has anything interesting to say about THE TURNER PRIZE in the next 7 months.

One Response to “Turnering in our graves.”

  1. Anon said

    Turner prize, Shmurner prize, have you seen the line-up for the the British Art Show? I mean, ‘British’ in the sense of ‘having been in Altermodern’ and ‘being friends with Polly Staple’…

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