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The Otolith Snoop

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 6, 2010

Well done to Guardian blogger ‘fears’ who points out that there is something rather odd about Turner Prize nominees The Otolith Group being an Arts Council Regularly Funded Organisation – ie one of those arts organisations like the Serpentine, Tate or Afterall who are guaranteed funding over a three year period before being reviewed and considered for further funding.
Now we all know that individual artists get funding from ACE and then go off and win marvelous prizes, but there does seem to a significant difference between getting a one-off grant for 5k and doing an exhibition and having annual funding that is being raised from 25k in 2009/2010 to 70k in 2010/11. That’s right, £70,000.
CoS’s staffers are too busy leafleting for the Labour Party in Poplar (bizarrely the leaflets feature hunky Ross Kemp) to really think through the ins and outs of it but lets face it: IT’S NOT RIGHT!

3 Responses to “The Otolith Snoop”

  1. in english?

  2. gi11ianm said

    how can they be an organization? That’s crazy. They are not.
    even worse they work as highly paid academics so hardly need the money I think.
    Yup, It’s Not Right.

  3. […] my last visit, the prize has been won by Susan Phillipsz, momentarily stifling the debate (see Cathedral of Shit) over the Otolith Group’s potentially lucrative status as prize-winning independent artists and […]

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