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Ben Lewis, never knowingly undersold.

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 7, 2010

Annoying Evening Standard art idiot and TV bore Ben Lewis is back again, making a programme with The Culture Show. Yawn you say?! Well hold on one goddamn minute!
Apparently – “For an upcoming episode of The Culture Show, themed around science and art, presenter and art critic Ben Lewis will be applying the science of psychometrics to assessing people’s attitudes towards the future of art. Will we find anything out?”
A questionnaire sent round by the Beeb seems to have ignored some basic and simple rules. Even my GCSE Business Studies coursework taught me that questionnaire questions should be open and not leading… unlike this gem –

and hell, I only got an E!
Despite the implication that the psychometric testing will be used to asses the attitudes of people towards the future of art, something tells me this is a thinly veiled excuse to get back at those art world bad guys again…. judge for yourself?

6 Responses to “Ben Lewis, never knowingly undersold.”

  1. anonymouse said

    what a cunt. For no particular reason yesterday I was reading this little ding dong between him and Frieze from a while ago…check it out if you’ve really got nothing better to do

  2. CAP said

    Do you have a link for that story anywhere (BBC? Standard?)

  3. The questionnaire in, err, question, came to me by email to fill in.

  4. CAP said

    It’s here. I don’t know if the HTML will work in WordPress s- it’s also here –

  5. CAP said

    OK so XHTML accepts HTML.

  6. CAP said

    Now back to *.

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