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Save or Slash

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 30, 2010

Do you have any totally nuts ideas about how to save or slash arts funding? Are you a friend or a foe to the whole swathe of nice middle-class girls who’ll be out of a job after Jeremy Hunt has butt-fucked the industry? Are you right now sat at work in your medium-size arts organisation working out whether that 25% cuts heading your way means that you WON’T get a paid flight on Easyjet to the Venice Biennale next year? If so write a 3000 word thesis on YOUR ideas about whether arts funding should be slashed and burnt or whether we should make wild assertions like “for every pound invested in the arts, four pounds fifty is levered in and a impressionable teenager saved from a life of crime through encountering the terrible beauty of Mark Rothko”. For yes! The “Department of Culture, Media, Sport and getting Jezza on to the Star Chamber” has launched an interactive enquiry asking for YOUR views on the funding of arts and heritage. Jeremy Hunt promises he’ll read EVERY word himself (okay not really, its going to a committee and then Jezza is going to use the findings as toilet paper but its nice to pretend)

The downside is that they are expecting 3000 words which really is quite a lot when all you really have to say is: “Please Mr Hunt, save our gallery education programme because otherwise all the kids will turn into crack addicts” (that’s 18 words). They want bullet points and everything.

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Dazed and Really Fucking Confused

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 30, 2010


I’m posting this in full. Not just because it’s a dazzling example of the premier journalistic skills of Francesca Gavin (example: “Music for a revolution – what song sums up your attitude?”), but also because it saves us even having to bother ripping it apart, like a starving terrier with a baby rabbit.
It’s the kind of article written with the assumption that no-one will EVER read it.
Excellent choice of DIY organisation by the way. Keeping it grass roots whilst revealing an in depth knowledge of the independent London arts scene.

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From Dazed Digital:
If you’re looking the next decade’s uber-curator make a beeline for Hannah Barry. The 25 year old gallery owner, who studied History of Art in Cambridge, started her space in 2006 when she was living with a group of artist in Peckham, South London. This squat-living space-gallery grew into her own gallery in a Peckham industrial estate, with her partner Sven Mundner. The tirelessly energetic artist has 30 young artists under her wing, has established Bold Tendencies, an annual group show of outdoor sculpture on a Peckham garage roof and is putting on her first international show at Venice Biennale this year. Barry describes her approach thus: “A friend told me once that it was important to relax into chaos. Another great friend always tells me to hold my nerve. I try a combination of the two!”

Name a person or organisation that shares your DIY ethos, and explain why.
Though on a completely different scale to the work we are doing I admire the ambition of Tate very much. From its founding in the late Nineteenth Century to its network of four galleries across the UK today, and most particularly since 2000 and the opening of Tate Modern, it constantly reassesses, invents and updates the extraordinary service that it provides to the world of culture in the 21st Century. It is an organization that absolutely does not stand still.

Send us a picture/video that summarises your view of modern life, and explain why.
This painting by Marcus Kleinfeld: lies, loneliness, plenty, isolation, questions, elegance, restraint, anxiety, confidence – in one way or another it has it all.

Do you think the recession has helped or hindered your creativity? Why?
Our world is cyclical and we must learn through times of plenty and times of frugality. I think it is important to experience these things, to enter them, and in time to leave them behind and begin a new period.

Music for a revolution – what song sums up your attitude?
A difficult question to answer though perhaps the Rolling Stones’ BEAST OF BURDEN…

What other period inspires you the most, and why?
Black Mountain College – an American university founded in North Carolina in the early 30s which operated in rural isolation and with minimal budget yet facilitated many significant and lasting collaborations between art, music, literature and dance.

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Bomber Harris Lieberman

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 27, 2010

Jessie Harris, of New York also-rans Harris Lieberman, is, we are told, very proud of her Great Grandfather Sir Arthur Travers Harris, aka ‘Bomber Harris’, Air Chief Marshall during the Second World War.
A bit of background; it was Harris who decided that ‘precision’ bombing wasn’t working and that the allied air forces should shift to ‘area’ bombing – that meant not just bombing military and industrial sites but bombing everything. Once, when stopped for speeding, a policeman warned him that he might kill someone to which Harris replied: ‘Young man, I kill thousands of people every night.’ In 1945 Harris ordered the phosphorus bombing of Dresden where tens of thousands were burnt alive in the resulting firestorm (mainly women, children and old men fleeing the invading Red Army, some 80 miles away). He was also responsible for the destruction of Cologne, Darmstadt, Dresden, Hamburg, Kassel, Pforzheim etc etc and for as many as 400,000 civilian deaths (not forgetting 55,573 of his own hapless flight crews).

Many people consider Sir Arthur Harris to be a war criminal.

Have a good day!

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Outta Pace

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 26, 2010

So Ireland has appointed a Director of Pace Gallery New York to be
it’s Commissionaire for Venice 2011 – and the artist selected by the
Commissionaire? Corban Walker…represented by…Pace Gallery , New
York …small world indeed.

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Oil Leak

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 21, 2010

Back in September last year we brought you an exclusive about Richard Wilson taking his lovely sump oil installation to Iraq to compliment all the military hardware with some ‘software.’ Seems that the other major recipients of British military hardware in Afghanistan haven’t been spared a sticky cultural assault. For those of you who don’t read Adam Curtis’ blog, scroll down the 8th July post for footage of some British Council twat trying and failing to explain ‘Conceptual Art‘ via a translator to some Afghans.
Pity she doesn’t realise that Duchamp was a bit early to be a conceptual artist but then what’s history anyhow? In the same year that Duchamp made his silly sculpture Britain established a colonial government in Iraq which, in 1920, gassed the Kurds.

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Zoo Art Projects

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 21, 2010

Rumour has it that Cabinet are are merging with Asprey Jacques (Asprey Cabinet Jacques? CabspreyJacques?) and moving in Vauxhall, next door to a small zoo for otters and bears?

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So Macho

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 15, 2010

Sir Nicholas of Millbank was one of a number of ‘cultural leaders’ who met with the Chancellor and Jeremy the Hunt on Monday to hear all about the 40% Government cuts to the arts.
Anyhow, CoS has heard that Sir Nick took a friend along who sorted some things out for us all. Thanks Pablo. Announcement due tomorrow…

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Posted by cathedralofshit on July 14, 2010

So the Rt Hon. George Gideon Oliver Osborne MP believes that UK arts organizations should adopt the same funding strategies as those in the US. Did his mummy not tell him that donations to museums over there can be offset against tax? Did Daddy not make him aware that all purchases of art in the UK are subject to VAT at 17.5% (soon to be 20%) whilst everywhere else in Europe sales tax on art is less than half this?
Perhaps Anita and Pingu could have a word. We hear they’re well connected.

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A Fete Worse Than Death

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 14, 2010

Let’s talk Veronica Wadley.
Rejected last year to become head of the Arts Council by Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw for the appointment being inappropriate according to Major’s Committee on Standards in Public Life. It had been suggested that Wadley, a great supporter of fop-haired cunt Boris Johnson, was being repaid for her services to the man. No- at the Evening Standard. Not those kind of services.
Anyway, Ms Wadley has indeed wheedled her way into the top job at the ACE (thank you Jeremy Hunt), and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Amusingly, in the Guardian article of 10 June detailing her appointment, the National Theatre’s Nicholas Hytner said “As editor of the Standard, Veronica Wadley was a fierce advocate for the London theatre. She has remained passionately committed to the arts. She is enthusiastic, perspicacious and informed, and I look forward to working with her.”
Their budget was sadly subsequently cut by £98,699.
This excellent Guardian data blog has all the facts and figures.

What a treat for the arts. With news that Ed Vaizey is launching such schemes as ‘The Big Arts Give’, promising to give an initial £3 million back to arts organisations when there will be rumoured 30-50% cuts, well, that leaves him just £84 million short.

Hang on. DON’T PANIC. Cathedral of Shit has come up with some ideas to help raise a little cash for the Arts Council. That’s right – never let it be said we’re not willing to give help where it’s needed. And so:
How about a tombola? EVERYONE loves a tombola don’t they? We can contribute four cases of Carlsberg Export, some bottles of Tango, a bottle of Limoncello, and I’m sure there’s a case of marrowfat peas in the cupboard behind the fertilizer and the chapati flour that we’d be happy to donate.

Or a raffle? We can donate a couple of works by Tim Noble and Sue Webster we’d be happily rid of, a back catalogue of eight years’ worth of Modern Painters, five slightly soiled copies of Sarah Thornton’s Seven Years In The Art World (soiled I said, not actually read. I think it’s gravy. It smells meaty), and, sod it – we’ll split the case of peas if we have to.

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Hot potato.

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 9, 2010

Some news we received from an outside source…

“my first bit of news is
Cabinet drop Paulina Olowska”

How about that then?

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