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Bend It Like Peckham

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 2, 2010

Cathedral of Shit favourite Hannah Barry seems to have come up with a solution to some of her previous failed attempts at showing good art – she’s got other people to do it for her.
A ‘committee’ comprised of the likes of Gasworks Anna Colin, Art Review’s Oliver Basciano, Guggenheim curator Katherine Brinson and Anita’s Lizzie Neilson all suggested works for the car park. Teeming with millions of Camberwell College students were a handful of art usuals – we saw Matthew Slotover looking a little bewildered, The Outset gang, artists Anthea Hamilton, Matthew Darbyshire, Nicholas Byrne, and George Henry-Longly (all in the show) Frieze’s Sarah McCrory, Mute’s Dean Kissick, Ash Lange from Herald Street, Martin Creed (who also performed) and AR’s Mark Rappolt.

It was noted that, having four women artists in the exhibition meant a 1000% rise in the number of women in a Hannah Barry project. Well Done Hannah! Let’s keep it up when you move to your new gallery home in the West End shall we? Note – does anyone know any more about this – will it be a second gallery or will she be leaving Peckham behind? Despite her gender-blindness, it was a fun evening.

CoS didn’t make the party which we heard was a sweaty and fun affair, but we did make local bar, Bar Story, where we sat and regaled students with made-up tales about that time we were sick in an umbrella stand at Marc Quinn’s house.

5 Responses to “Bend It Like Peckham”

  1. anonymouse said

    it wasn’t so fun you had to describe it as such twice though. hot, sweaty, impossible to get a drink kind of fun.

    it’s a second gallery, opened last week.

  2. Oliver Peoples said

    So…basically nothing really happened at all to make this either funny or interesting but you wrote a good 250 words on it anyway, dried it out, ‘sarced’ it up, added some fruity anecdotal reference to making something up about making something up, and, shazam, we have a blog post. Magic.

  3. blagagagaga of peckham said

    Yeah word on the street in Peckham is that the roof show is much better than usual; having been curated by a mixture of people who definitely aren’t Hannah Barry, rather than the mistress herself who “has no idea what she is doing”. What’s the west end gallery like?

    Also, was Mick Jagger at the party? Is that even possible?

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