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Bootlicking Dealers

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 3, 2010

Ah there’s nothing like the summer to bring out truly obsequious group shows. This year’s winner is not only mouth-fuckingly toadying but also visually quite extraordinarily repulsive: “Taster’s Choice” at Stephen Friedman Gallery. Despite sounding like a brand of instant coffee (or indeed a mid-market brothel) the show’s premise is that “renowned collectors have been invited to act as curators and to each choose four artists who play key roles in the formation of their collection.” Funny that, there was I thinking that curators did more (but not much more). And not only that, the whole thing has been designed so each collector gets to place their art in a specially designed “domestic environment” created by the world-renowned furniture dealer Vance Trimble (nope, no idea either). The effect is truly startling –  imagine the creative vomiting of 5 collectors in what looks like those “ideal flat” selections in IKEA and you start to get the idea.
CoS can only take its pork pie hat off in horrified admiration.

One Response to “Bootlicking Dealers”

  1. Dermot Reeve said

    Dear Cathedral
    In fact you’ll find that Nescafe beat Stephen Friedman to it and already do have an instant coffee called ‘Tasters Choice’:
    Sounds like the show is more Argos than Ikea
    as ever with love,

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