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Save or Slash

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 30, 2010

Do you have any totally nuts ideas about how to save or slash arts funding? Are you a friend or a foe to the whole swathe of nice middle-class girls who’ll be out of a job after Jeremy Hunt has butt-fucked the industry? Are you right now sat at work in your medium-size arts organisation working out whether that 25% cuts heading your way means that you WON’T get a paid flight on Easyjet to the Venice Biennale next year? If so write a 3000 word thesis on YOUR ideas about whether arts funding should be slashed and burnt or whether we should make wild assertions like “for every pound invested in the arts, four pounds fifty is levered in and a impressionable teenager saved from a life of crime through encountering the terrible beauty of Mark Rothko”. For yes! The “Department of Culture, Media, Sport and getting Jezza on to the Star Chamber” has launched an interactive enquiry asking for YOUR views on the funding of arts and heritage. Jeremy Hunt promises he’ll read EVERY word himself (okay not really, its going to a committee and then Jezza is going to use the findings as toilet paper but its nice to pretend)

The downside is that they are expecting 3000 words which really is quite a lot when all you really have to say is: “Please Mr Hunt, save our gallery education programme because otherwise all the kids will turn into crack addicts” (that’s 18 words). They want bullet points and everything.

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