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You Say Tomato….

Posted by cathedralofshit on August 1, 2010

It’s not just our wise leader David Cameron who has been thinking that the “Special Relationship” is really more like an “Abusive relationship with a nutcase who styles himself on Raoul Moat”, so here at COS’s Homerton high-rise we’ve been pondering the differences between the London art world and our cousins on the other side of the “pond”. Here the art world heads to St John and proceeds to order as many bottles of St John red superior plonk with the occasional line in the handily refurbished toilets to refreshen the palette. There they swap Facebook tips on their “favourite simplest killer dish”. ‘Food artist’ Jennifer Rubell, daughter of uber-collectors Don and Mera, started it off with her regular Facebook updates on what she’s been eating. So for instance a recent update noted,

“ATE LAST NIGHT: incredible vegetables from Brooklyn Grange, a one-acre rooftop farm in Queens, NY, cooked with admirable restraint by Leif Hedendal: roasted root vegetables, a simply dressed salad, sauteed greens (mustard and other) with smoked trout, a cucumber salad. Genius without needing to show it, my kind of stuff. QUESTION: what’s your simplest killer dish?”

To which Elizabeth Dee, stalwart co-founder of ‘The Independent’ art fair jauntily replied: “Jullienned raw red cabbage, dill, feta, toasted pine nuts, honestly that’s it, so rich and no dressing needed!”

Meanwhile art advisor Todd Levin upped the stakes (or should that be steaks -hafuckityha!) with his reply: “Roast chicken (in duck fat w/black truffles). Super simple. Super deluxe.”

Meanwhile Jennifer (shoot me if this is boring you as much as it’s boring me) concluded: “Love so many of these: Cabbage sounds genius; kimchee quesadillas sound scary but oddly appealing; corn, new potatoes and octopus sounds just right, right now.”

Anyhow, that’s it for this story. Doesn’t it just make you want to mouth-fuck one of THESE.

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