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ACE pocket money time…

Posted by cathedralofshit on August 19, 2010

Goodness me it’s hot here. We’ve just parked ourselves in an internet cafe in Pattaya. So far not too many squabbles, though we did have an incident in the Aquarius Gay Guesthouse and Sauna with some pharmaceutical speed and a bowl of pad thai mangsawirat. We’re all friends again now though.

Although we’ve been traveling hard we’ve had a moment to browse the ACE’s recently released grant recipients of Grants for the Arts Awards for 2009 – 2010. CoS has taken the trouble of passing our lazy eyes over it..
Here are some low points to a rather dull and mediocre list. Don’t ask us for more right now. We’ve got terrible sunstroke.

Artists getting some pocket money to keep them in Haribo:
Catherine Yass Hurricane 4,370
Milica Lewis Joy Collective (Autumn 09 Tour) 4,970
Jonathan Allen That Old Flag Magic 5,000
Ben Judd Observance 3,146
Grace Ndiritu Production of New Work 3,100

A few more for the “Ridiculous use of public money” award:
Serpentine Gallery Poetry Marathon 2009 35,000
The Multiple Store Organisational Development 18,500
Buy Art Fair Limited Buy Art Fair 60,000
The Foundling Museum Collishaw, Emin & Rego at the Foundling 22,600

Public money going to private foundations who really should just pay for their shitty programmes themselves:
A Foundation Beyond the Boundary 25,000
A Foundation 2009-2010 Programme 150,000m (Really?!)
David Roberts Art Foundation ‘Curators’ Series # 2 and # 3 10,000

Public money going to commercial galleries and businesses:
Sartorial Contemporary Art Urban Art 10,000
R O O M Roaming Room 15,000
Tom Wolseley CABIN/ET 5,000 (this was a project for ROOM Gallery)
Arts Co Ghost Forest 15,000

5 Responses to “ACE pocket money time…”

  1. JPJ said

    Arts Co has also been receiving Arts Council managed funds to give dinners for tory idiot Veronica Wadley and giving privileged women champagne to help them ‘network’..

    I paraphase a comment taken from the Sun website: I hope they get raped by aids ridden crack addicts.. okay that might be a bit harsh.. maybe they could just go away and stop bothering us..

  2. JJ JPJsworth said

    A Fiona Boundy gag? You’ve gone too far.

    Never heard of any of the ‘commercial galleries and businesses’ mentioned. Don’t believe they exist.

  3. bluejean said

    Kind of thing that makes you think they should just cut the lot – except of course they will cut the good stuff and keep the shit

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