Cathedral of Shit

has taken a well earned GAP year

Au revoir.

Posted by cathedralofshit on August 28, 2010

FINALLY. Eshun and Yentob have now left the building.
It’s a shame they’ve left it until there is pretty much only a building left.

À bientôt, fellers.

2 Responses to “Au revoir.”

  1. bluejean said

    But this is just the latest in a sorry saga, London is full of people who once worked at the ICA and were then pushed out or felt compelled to leave after on regime change or another. No doubt whoever takes over next will feel compelled to re-organise

  2. Furier said

    I survived the Philip Dodd era at the ICA, and even then it was being led by a self regarding conspiratorial bunch of cronies (posturing as a Board). The figure of Yentob is a manifestation of everything that is wrong with the ICA and many other aspects of the London art scene – utterly condescending and arrogant. This is a man who will one day be your best friend (when he wants something from you) and the next will look straight through you … utterly contemptible. Don’t know much about Ekow but the pair of them have made an almighty balls up of the place it seems. Fucking negligent and escaping through the back door whilst claiming they have done a good job. Cunts. However it is very very unlikely that they (ICA) will appoint the right person as Director – their track record is grim in this regard. Maybe Tony Blair would fit the bill next?

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