Cathedral of Shit

has taken a well earned GAP year

Happy finish.

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 2, 2010

The ACE have, for some time now, been ploughing funding into the development of various types of commercial activity by not for profit organisations. The Chisenhale, Studio Voltaire, ICA and the Whitechapel, amongst others, have for some time been producing prints and editions. We can’t help but think that there needs to be a bit more original thought going into this kind of activity.
Take the Royal College, for example. They seem to have diversified their commercial activity to great effect.

5 Responses to “Happy finish.”

  1. Pigs Trotters said

    Do you think that John Smith is having a solo show in there….?

  2. CAP said

    Next: The Royal College Massage Parlour

  3. Jobby said

    Er. Yeah, well done CAP, I think that’s what the whole post implies. I don’t think COS were suggesting you could get a sauna there. Durh!

  4. CAP said

    Curb your patronising jobster. There are such things as saunas that don’t involve sex, and either suitably expands on the RCA’s ‘hothouse’ rep.

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