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Posted by cathedralofshit on September 15, 2010

So. Arts Council England have ‘inadvertently’ paid two of their National Council members Grants for the Arts…

Diran Adebayo was paid £10,165, then told to pay it back when they realised the bloomer, and told to step down two months before his end of term. The shame…
Keith Khan has been recently paid approx £30k for a Cultural Leadership Project grant.

Still, it’s only (public) money, eh? And a registered charity with a board of trustees that are supposed to have no vested interest in the financial runnings of the organisation.

Whoops! Freedom of interest request, anyone?

4 Responses to “ACE!”

  1. Dermot Reeve said

    Aha, dear, dear Keith Khan. First of all he screws up Rich Mix and leaves that organisation a total shambles. Then he heads off to the Cultural Olympiad where he is effectively fired but sits in his post collecting his salary. Now he’s getting a 30k Cultural Leadership project grant. You’ve got to love him – he really is the Eliot Morley of the arts. Perhaps if he forwarded his postal address we could all cut out the middleman and just send him 50 quid out of all of our paycheques every month?


  2. Paul Dacre said

    Ekow was on the same ACE National Council. In the same year his brother got unprecedented ACE revenue funding as an artist and the ICA got bailed out again. Money very well spent!

  3. Lenny Stinkhorn said

    CLANG!!! Perfect timing, Arse Council. I wonder if Jez Hunt subscribes to CoS? Coo-eee, Jeremy, there’s a nice warm seat at the Star Chamber with your name all over it. So, odds on, what are the cuts going to be post spending review? Arse Council is planning on another 15%, and they think it’ll take four years for the Con-Demmers to instigate. Get real. Try 40 to 50% by….Christmas. The DCMS darlings have already gone Samurai on themselves, Film Council’s gone, Museums and Libraries to follow. Shrigley will have to get his felt tips out again. If I could afford a belt, I’d tighten mine too.

  4. The Scarlet Pimple said

    When is the spending review again? October the 20th? I wonder if we can expect some “American style philanthropy” from the Sensations set? Anyone got any idea how much A.C.E. spends on jollies per year? All food for thought…

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