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Oh deer.

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 24, 2010

It seems that the world’s worst gallery, Haunch of Venison, may be trumped in those stakes by their own makers, BlainSouthern. They are, as expected, making off with HoV’s stable of shiny artists.
Former yBa turned king of unnecessary overproduction Mat Collishaw has jumped ship and is reported to be the first show in their new temporary space – some info here on the Art Nespaper. Collishaw said he has always “enjoyed a fruitful working relationship with Harry Blain in the past”. For that read: “he always made me truck-loads of cash for my mediocre output”.

And as it’s Friday – here’s a delightful reminder of just how dreadful Bill Viola is, who has apparently also left for the big boy’s new gallery along with Rachel Howard, Anton Henning and Jeroen Verhoeven.

2 Responses to “Oh deer.”

  1. anton duffy said

    Roe is me. I thought the whole point of Haunch of Venison was to try and keep all the really really rubbish artists, I mean REALLY rubbish, in one place so we could all avoid them. Now look whats happened, it’s spawned a grotesque child like some emergent nation’s scientific experiment gone wrong. Did someone feed it after midnight and spill water on it?

    Still I always liked a Mat ‘I’m going to take my top off again” Collishaw show so I can see how his nipples are getting on.

  2. HUO said

    Perhaps they could move to vyner st with the rest of the turds.. and even better if jokers max wigwam, and hannah barry joined them..

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