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What’s that?

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 29, 2010

You like street art, you say? What is it you like? The anti-capitalist mentality? That it’s anti-elitist? What, you’re a fan of the urban environment, you say? Oh. You have trouble finding the newest works by your favourite stencil artist?
Just HOW do you find new pieces? It’s not easy.

Why, you’re in luck!

One Response to “What’s that?”

  1. David Jones said

    Down in Hastings the council has a zero tolerance approach to graffiti with a grot busting team going out every day to remove any tagging or other street art. Recently Banksy was down on the coast for a mate’s birthday (the one who does the letters on shop shutters much liked by Sam Cam) and whilst he was there he did a little piece on the sea front. Somehow the council got wind of it and juts in time stopped their clean up squad from moving in but quelle horeur a week later some local lads covered the thing in spray paint. So the council moved quickly got the unwanted graffito off and covered the Banksy with a protective perspex sheet….

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